8-Bit Blanket

More GEEKY things. YAY XD

I love this project. It's a patch work blanket. Every other patch is a picture of a character/item from an old game (hence 8-bit!).

This project prompted Owen (who is a programmer) to make me a chart making program. It's amazing!! You can alter the size of each square and drop in the colours. Before I was drawing them or painstakingly filling in little squares in a chart I had made in paint!!!! LMAO! I know, I'm a silly lady. I genuinely enjoyed making the charts for these. A lot more than I liked making the actual patches.

I have about 50 charts so far and about 20 of the patches. The design will alternate between a picture patch and a plain patch. Still deciding on exactly how big this will be, reckon i'll just keep knitting 'til I can't knit anymore! Reckon I will probably do the plain patches black, but still open to the idea of multi-coloured.