I learned to knit when I was a kid, but only started properly when I went to uni and was reminded of it by one of my housemates. I have gotten sooooo much better through the help of the various online resources and all the lovely people that allow people to access their help for free. As that is how I have learned, I happily provide my patterns for free for those who want them. You can find them here. However, I do have an online shop for the actual finished products. My patterns are also linked up on ravelry. If they aren't posted it because I've knitted as I've gone and not been able to remember/recreate my work.

I live in Sheffield, UK, with my boyfriend Owen, who is very patient with my yarn obsession, bless him. I can't stop myself, if the need takes me to knit something and I don't have the yarn I need on my person (typically I want the yarn that I don't have on me), I leg it 'round to the local shop, Matthews in Firth Park, and buy it. Adding to a huge stash at home! Oops! But let's face it; it's hardly a dangerous obsession.

I tend to find it hard to stay focussed on big projects (I need variety), so I'm usually working on a few things at once. The only time I managed to stay totally on project was the Latvian Garden Baby Blanket. I spent most of 2010/2011 making baby things for my beautiful niece Isobel, but recently have started back on my Mario Kart Power-Up Project and opening my online shop. I'm a bit of a Knerdy-Knitter so a lot of my stuff is gaming related.

I love getting requests for knitted items because people are usually very imaginative and ask for things I wouldn't have thought of designing myself. It improves my skills because I have to learn different stitches/methods to get the job done.

I hope you like the site and my creations!

Rach x