Previous Projects

I love ravelry and the majority of my projects are detailed on there. However, I'm detailing my projects here for those non-knitters that don't want to sign up:


Feb. 28. 2012 - I love Studio Ghibli and Totoro is AMAZING! I am trying to figure out how to make a massive one for my attic/craft room (it will be a craft room eventually, mostly it is just boxes).

Tiny Turkey

Nov. 2. 2011 - I made this as a thanks giving present for my state-side family. I loved making this; such a lovely and easy quick knit. This is another pattern I found on ravelry and is available for free here.

Slouched Tuva Hats

Oct. 4. 2011 - My friend from work requested these for her daughter and her best friend. The yarn was lovely! James C. Brett Twinkle, Colorway tk3, Dye lot 267. This was not my own pattern. It is available for free here.

Froggy Hat

May 13. 2011 - I made this for a colleague's son. He loves it :) This was my own design and the pattern is available here.

Strawberry Hat

May. 11. 2011 - My friend requested this for her 1 year old. It was such a great idea and I had fun making it. They were really pleased with the outcome which was great. This was my own design and the pattern is available here.

Brain Slug Hat

Jan. 30. 2011 - I made a baby Brain Slug Hat for my niece and a friend saw it and wanted one for him. I really like the hat, but in hindsight I wish I had done this differently, larger needs and a different decrease. I have posted the pattern for this on my blog, but I think I will redesign this to make it an easier knit at some point and re post on here.

Latvian Garden Baby Blanket

Dec. 21. 2010 - I made this blanket for my niece Isobel. It was from a pattern I found on ravelry, it is available from free here

Parrot (Red Macaw)

Sep. 25. 2010 - My Brother and Sister-in-Law made a jungle themed nursery for Izzy. So I made this along with some other little animal toys. I am most proud of this one. Unfortunately, I didn't write down what I did and just made it as quickly as possible.